VS Code

19 Nov 2016

VS Code, full name is Visual Studio Code. I can say, it is going to be my second favourite code editor. I mainly use Visual Studio IDE for development. But when it comes to development completly using node.js, javascript/typescript, angular. I prefer VS Code these days. It has a good intellisense suppport with debugging and git version control. A lot of language support and features can be added from VS Code extensions. I found this Starter video quite helpful. If you are a starter for VS Code, I suggest watch it.


  • Download and install VS Code.
  • Practice Quick Open and using the Command Palette.
  • A quick orientation around the editor.


  • See IntelliSense in action.
  • Start the debugger and set a breakpoint.
  • Commit code with Git integration.
  • Add new features with VS Code extensions.

Also, i suugest going through with basics can help you a lot.

VS Code Basics

Key boaard Shortcuts and you can modify the VS Code shortcuts to match those of other editors so you don’t need to learn new keyboard shortcuts.


  • Change your UI color theme.
  • Find customization options in user and workspace settings.
  • Change and learn key bindings.
  • Write code faster with snippets, including creating your own.
  • Install VS Code extensions to add features and additional programming language support.


  • Emmet syntax for HTML and CSS development
  • Hover over CSS elements
  • Use case of using a task
  • Global find and replace, including regex search
  • ESLint for JavaScript linting
  • Errors and Warning output
  • Multi-cursor editing
  • Code folding
  • Bracket matching
  • Code formatting to consistently style code

There are lots of tutorials out there for advance learning, but i feel like above are good enough to get me started with the VS Code.

Happy Coding.